Carly Chaikin Talks ‘Mr. Robot’ At the Water Cooler


USA Network’s Mr. Robot co-star Carly Chaikin joins the Water Cooler to talk technology, filming That Season 2 Scene, and her favorite Darlene moments.

Carly Chaikin, co-star of USA Network’s critically-acclaimed Mr. Robot, takes her character, Darlene, into wild places over the course of Season 2. As the season expanded roles for women, Darlene ventured into one particularly dark area. In Episode 6, she makes a life-altering decision to kill someone she’s captured. A total spur-of-the-moment event, it still changes Darlene and taints our impression of Darlene for the rest of the season.

Yet, the moment feels entirely believable thanks to the acting skills of Carly Chaikin. Remembering Darlene’s tortured backstory, she understood – but not condoned – Darlene’s actions. Here, on our podcast, she goes into depth about the moment.

“It’s one of those things where we’re always like, ‘If I ever saw that person again, I’d kill them,’ ” Chaikin shared. “Obviously, most of us don’t, but it’s interesting that she says later, ‘I thought there was something that would stop me.’ I just loved that scene and going through that story.”

On Technology

Chaikin also talks about her pre-Mr. Robot relationship to technology…

“Hacking, hackers, or the idea of that was never anything that crossed my mind or I thought about,” Chaikin explained. “After I started the show, it was really fun and interesting to learn about the hacking world or what that entails. What is possible, which was also at the same time really terrifying.”

…and how Mr. Robot changed all that.

“The show completely changed the way I look at the world in general. For the better and for the worse. It’s funny. I’ll go somewhere and walk into a room and go, ‘I can hack that. I can hack that.’ I’ve also learned how few people don’t even have the concept in their mind that it’s possible for a woman to even be a hacker.”

Enjoy our podcast with Carly Chaikin as we dive into Mr. Robot Season 2.

Note: Hackers (or maybe Mr. Robot himself) unfortunately targeted our phone connection. You will hear some audio interference. Apologies for the inconvenience.