The Best 10 TV Shows of 2015 - Adweek


In a year with more than 400 scripted series—almost double the amount in 2009—picking just 10 of them for a best-of list seems impossible.

Thanks to cable, broadcast and now streaming outlets, we have access to an overabundance of top-shelf shows, too many for any sane person to keep up with. It seems like another worthy series is added to the list on a weekly basis. Instead of a top 10, I could have easily done a top 50 this year, and even then would have had to omit several worthy shows.

In the era of what FX Networks CEO John Landgraf infamously called “peak TV,”  watching television can feel more like a chore than a delight—we’ve got to power through those shows and clear out DVR space before the next onslaught of quality episodes! But that's not the case with any of the magnificent programs on this list.

From sensational freshman debuts to shows that somehow got even better in Season 2 to those that ended their runs in unforgettable fashion, these programs represent the very best that television—or any medium—had to offer this year. Check out our supercut below, and happy binge-watching!

Mr. Robot starts at the 1:05 mark.

7. Mr. Robot (USA)

USA Network

USA Network

Hello, friend! USA went for broke with this hacker drama, which was so subversive that it often seemed as if the series itself had been an elaborate hack. Creator Sam Esmail's gripping tale of an unstable hacker (Rami Malek) could have imploded at every turn, yet it blossomed into a gripping and eerily prescient masterpiece. And given the twists in its compelling season finale, Season 2 could be even better.