5 Times Christian Slater, Rami Malek's 'Mr. Robot' On USA Network Ruled 2015!

USA Network

USA Network


Before Mr. Robot Season 2 returns, the popular USA Network is bringing the first season onto DVD and Blu-Ray. This is the perfect opportunity to check out the best performances Christian Slater (Mr. Robot) and Rami Malek (Elliot Alderson) gave during the first season.

During the first season, Elliot (Malek) finds himself in hacker territory against Evil Corp with "fsociety." With a mysterious man linked to his past, Elliot finds himself siding with Mr. Robot (Christian Slater). As Evil Corp sinks its seductive claws on Elliot's best friend, Angela (Portia Doubleday), Fsociety has a way of hurting E Corp but in order to put their plans into motion, Elliot has to become more than just a cyber-vigilante.

Here are our 5 favorite moments from Mr. Robot episodes 1-10 here:

5) The Worst Acid Trip Ever

In eps1.3_da3m0ns.mp4, Elliot has to deal with withdrawal from his morphine addiction, which sends him directly a freaky acid trip. Did Elliot imagine a shootout at a crackhouse? In the Lynchian hallucination, Elliot proposes to his childhood best friend, Angela, who warns him, "You're not Elliot!" Did you recognize Keith David (The Thing)'s voice as the talking fish? I don't even know how to explain this scene as a critic! I watched this episode over a billion times, can't explain it, but I still love it!

4) Badass Chicks!

My personal favorite,has to be episode four, eps1.3_da3m0ns.mp4. This is the episode that concentrates on the female characters, especially with Angela (Doubleday) and Shayla (Frankie Shaw). Sensing how broken-hearted she is, Shayla gives Angela a kiss and makes her face the mirror. Shaw rocked my world as she delivered Shayla's advice, "The only person you need to take care of is this badass b*tch right here."

3) An American Psycho!

eps1.6_v1ew-s0urce.flv could have easily been an okay episode if it wasn't for antagonist Tyrell Wellick (Martin Wallström)'s shocking and disturbing murder. As FKA Twigs' Two Weeks started playing in the background, Tyrell seduced his target, but ended up strangling her to death. He didn't mean to do it; that was part of the plan! Wallstrom gives such a creepy performance as Tyrell is freaking losing his mind. Ad yet I'm still rooting for the bad guy to get away with murder!

2) Dude You're Worse Than Luke Skywalker!

In eps1.7_wh1ter0se.m4v, Elliot ended up kissing Darlene (Carly Chaikin) on the lips. Revolted by the kiss, Darlene asked him if he remembered who she really is. Elliot struggled with the fact that he didn't remember Darlene is actually his sister. This set the rest of the arc in motion as viewers were going to get the answer to the most-talked about question, "Who is Mr. Robot?"

1) Kingdom of Bullsh*t

A round of applause must also be given to Christian Slater who delivered a rousing and maddening soliloquy as the people around chanted, "We are Fsociety!" Quite possibly the biggest moment and my favorite moment from the season finale was how the USA drama outdid Tom Cruise's Vanilla Sky and emptied out Times Square! As the FSociety march grew to millions, Elliot screamed and wished the masked protesters all away.

Mr. Robot returns for Season 2 in 2016.