BD Wong teases Whiterose’s involvement in ‘Mr. Robot’ Season 2

USA Network

USA Network


Following the conclusion of the first season of “Mr. Robot,” many viewers were left shocked at the reveal of Whiterose (BD Wong) being involved with the villainous E Corp CEO Phillip Price (Michael Cristofer) as she mused about Nero “watching Rome burn.”

If that makes you question where Whiterose will fit into Season 2 of “Mr. Robot,” you’re not alone. Wong himself isn’t sure of his character’s direction, though chances are good you’ll be seeing more of her.

When asked about Whiterose’s future on the show during an interview to promote his upcoming turn as Hugo Strange on “Gotham,” Wong says, “As far as ‘Mr. Robot’ is concerned, Sam Esmail is super super secretive about all of it.”

However, Wong admits that “[Esmail is] determined to put Whiterose in the second season.”

“I think it’s safe to say Whiterose is going to be in it more than she was in it the first season. But how much more is not clear to me,” says the actor.

It won’t be long before he — and the rest of the cast — find out, though.

“We’ve been invited to do a table reading of the entire first half of that season, so they can hear what the whole first half of the season is. I think that’s safe to say,” the actor reveals. “We’re going to be in there in March, I think, and sit down and read the first episodes. At which point I will know a little bit more.”

“Mr. Robot” returns to USA Network later in 2016.