New Christian Slater TV series Mr. Robot is in the spirit of Occupy Wall Street


Mr. Robot, Sam Esmail’s TV show on the USA Network starring Christian Slater andRami Malek is premiering June 24, 2015. The show re-invokes the burning embers of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Mr. Robot is a fictional account based on the real life hacker community that spearheaded the OWS events at Zuccoti Park.

The series stars Christian Slater as Mr. Robot, a man who leads a team of hackers that are working out of a secret location in Coney Island. Rami Malek stars as Eliot, a cyber-security worker by day and an independent hacker by night.

Eliot will fall into the world of Mr. Robot.

Audiences can do the same here.

Occupy Wall Street – the real story

The Occupy Wall Street movement spread across the country through the help of hackers and social media. What began as an Adbusters campaign took off with the help of the hacker group Anonymous and anarchist advocates like David Graeber.

The leadership was decentralized and spread out in what activists call a horizontal non-hierarchy. Alternative media, like Global Revolution, exposed police brutality during the marches by streaming live feeds from smart phones.

Among the attempts by police to stop the OWS movement included a raid of 13 Thames Street in Bushwick, New York, to take down the headquarters of Global Revolution.

Rising from the embers of OWS

The actual story of Occupy Wall Street has never been touched by the media. Yet it is a story about daring, dreams, and a cast of characters from all walks of life in their attempts to start a revolution that could have changed the world. The fictional world ofMr. Robot has many parallels to the real story.

New Yorker’s will be excited to spot the streets and shop corners of their neighborhoods in the Lower East Side, Bushwick, Williamsburg, and TriBeca and other places in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Watch the pilot episode here.

As part of their promotion, Mr. Robot is paying off $100,000 in fan debts.

Created and written by Sam Esmail, Mr. Robot will be broadcasted on the USA Network cable channel.