Geeky TV commentary - Mr Robot 1.6

  Photo via USA Network

  Photo via USA Network


Mr Robot airs at 10pm Wednesday nights on USA.

Holy [expletive deleted], Batman, this show is not messing around. Not even a little bit.

Elliot stepped up with some steel against all his fear this episode. Under duress to get Crazy Drug Dealer Ex out of prison with only a few hours to work in and no help but what he can call in himself, he stood up to the guy, he stood up to his betraying brother, he figured out several workarounds on the fly, and he didn't freak out or break down the whole time. This is character development, and the budding of a true BAMF. He's running out of caring to give for these scumbags that keep coming at him, and it's beautiful.

And what did he get for it, though? Witnessing a murder, getting Darleen in trouble, a whole lot of bad dudes back on the street--oh, and a dead Shayla. She was the leverage being used against him, and she was dead in the trunk the whole time. On the one hand, her death shows that these guys--the characters and the writers--are not pulling punches. On the other hand, how often has the hero of one of these stories been manipulated by the death of his girlfriend, and how sexist is that trope starting to look? Especially in a show where there's several complex, interesting, and different female characters who are as competent as the men around them, even if the men don't notice it?

But either way, this episode took a sharp turn into Chaos Town and things are looking messier than ever.

Meanwhile, Tyrell gets called out for almost seducing that boring dude's wife last episode and he tells him he'll never make CTO, which pushes him over some sort of edge. His wife, however, is totally not fussed, and basically says that now they have something to work with, which sounds so Lady Macbeth, I'm pretty sure they're going to get everyone killed.

Angela tracks down all the people involved in the coverup and the case against Evil Corp and only one calls her back--one who's over worked and drinking during the day in the office, and she tells her that she needs someone on the inside to come forward. This leads Angela to a plan that she says will change the world, and I'm hoping it's the same plan the fSociety had and hasn't been able to manage just yet. She works in the same job as Elliot, so there's not really any reason so far established that she couldn't be as good a hacker, except maybe a lack of confidence and a stronger sense of morality, and both of those seem to be wearing down as the show continues.

Also in this episode:

  • The other hackers do not appear at all, but Mr Robot does--literally, and out of nowhere as far as I can tell, which brings back the question of whether or not he's real. Especially since he showed up with a voice of reason right when Elliot needed one, and didn't otherwise involve himself.
  • The first attempt to access the prison system was hilarious--just leaving the hack on dozens of flashdrives all over the parking lot, waiting for someone to plug it in and run it.
  • Using bluetooth to get into the system through the networked cop cars is both brilliant and scary, and the fact that Elliot seems to have developed an exploit that can work through his phone while it sits there in holding, and did it on the fly, is both amazing and terrifying.

If Angela gets brought into the main storyline through her own investigations and brings the last element or piece of information they need to make it all work, it might make up a little bit for Shayla being offed so cruelly. If we get Tyrell flipping on the Corp and joining forces with fSociety or Elliot to bring them down for slighting him, that might help too.

What do you think could happen?