The Best Television Shows We Binge-Watched in 2015


We live in a culture of excess, where we can feast on turducken, upgrade our iPhones when they don’t need upgrading at all and post up on the couch with hundreds of critically acclaimed things to watch at the touch of a button.

So what does “binging” even mean anymore, especially when it comes to television? Does it involve watching all of the episodes in one fell swoop and, in the process, forgetting about basic needs like eating and bathing? Does it mean spacing out episodes over a few merciful days? Or does one need to avoid human contact altogether in order to have binge-watched a TV show?

There’s not a single right answer, but the common thread is that a proper binge involves losing sight of the world around you for a while. So the eagle-eyedNewsweek staff has outlined the 2015 shows that made them lose sleep (and possibly a bit of sanity). From spies in an alternate America to comedians in an all-too-real Brooklyn, here’s what kept our eyes glued to the screen. God bless television. 


High above the American heartland, I sat in the pressurized chamber of a plane, chewing off what little nails I had left—a paranoid, nervous mess thanks to USA’s standout series Mr. Robot. Yep, I binge-watched all 10 episodes of the dystopian hacker series’ first season on my flight to and from California. That’s because Mr. Robot is the dystopian hacker drama for our Information Age. The show’s protagonist, Elliot Alderson (depicted by the intense-looking Rami Malek), is a lonesome, morphine-shooting cybersecurity engineer who sees the world around him as a dark place that's getting darker, thanks to technology and corporate greed. To exact a little justice, he hacks baddies with the hope of turning them in to the authorities. His operation comes to a halt when he meets the wild-eyed Mr. Robot (Christian Slater), the head honcho of a pack of anarchist hackers, who gives him the opportunity to change the world—but perhaps at the cost of everyone around him. Do you see why I couldn’t stop watching this? — Paula Mejia